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The attorneys of Greene LLP have been litigating False Claims Act cases for thirty years. In 1993, Managing Partner Thomas M. Greene resolved a defense industry case involving defective satellite phones sold to the United States for use by soldiers in Desert Storm; in 1994, Partner Michael Tabb began work on a defense industry case involving defective flatracks used to secure military vehicles on ships. By 2004, Greene LLP had changed the face of False Claims Act litigation nationally with a seminal lawsuit against Parke-Davis and Pfizer successfully arguing that pharmaceutical companies could be liable for FCA damages through off-label promotion of drugs, even though they did not submit the claims of payment themselves to the government. By 2022, at the end of a ten year effort, Greene LLP shattered the previous record for a relator award, litigating a declined case without government intervention that settled for $900 million, including $266.4 million in awards to its client.

The Greene Team purposefully keeps its slate of cases small so that it can fully dedicate itself to the small number of cases the attorneys are handling at any one time. The firm has pioneered many methods of recovery, such as with customs duties, fraud on public utilities, fraudulently obtained research grants, escheat failures, and a variety of health care frauds including unnecessary testing, upcoding, and medical necessity frauds. Located in the heart of Boston, ten minutes from the Federal District Courthouse for the District of Massachusetts and the local U.S. Attorney’s Office, Greene LLP attorneys have successfully handled significant False Claims Act litigation all over the country, and secured whistleblower awards under more than a dozen state False Claims Acts.

Choosing to blow the whistle can be a difficult step to take, and False Claims Act cases are notoriously complex, typically lasting several years. It is important to find an attorney with experience willing to represent you over the long haul.

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