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The federal False Claims Act and other laws are designed to help people who witness fraud on the government and who are unsure about blowing the whistle.  In exchange for stepping forward by filing a case under seal, whistleblowers under the False Claims Act stand to share in recoveries, and are given a private right of action to protect them from retaliation.

Greene LLP is a Boston-based innovative litigation firm that specializes in qui tam suits under the False Claims Act, and its highly experienced whistleblower attorneys have represented whistleblowers for over thirty years.  Many other firms that handle False Claims Act cases prepare a complaint and initial disclosure, and then hope that the government intervenes – Greene LLP is one of few firms that has been willing to pursue meritorious whistleblower cases regardless of whether the government declines to intervene.  The firm’s low-volume, high-effort approach to qui tam suits has been vindicated time and again, including in 2022, when Greene LLP secured a False Claims Act award of $266.4 million – the single highest whistleblower award paid under any government program.

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A willingness to litigate False Claims Act cases is particularly important because many cases bring with them new types of fraud and new legal issues, and the Department of Justice is often reluctant to try out new legal theories.  In 1996, whistleblower lawyer Thomas M. Greene filed a qui tam case against Pfizer, alleging that by promoting the drug Neurontin off label, the company caused pharmacists to submit thousands of false claims to Medicare and other government funded health programs.  The government declined to intervene, but since the Neurontin case was settled in 2004 for $430 million in civil fines and criminal penalties, more than $14 billion has been recovered by Greene and other False Claims Act attorneys under Greene’s novel theory.  The firm redoubled its commitment to maximizing False Claims Act claims in the wake of the Neurontin settlement, and in 2022, after a ten-year effort, the firm once again secured a significant settlement –  $900 million against Biogen Idec, Inc. – without government intervention. 

Located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, Greene LLP is minutes from the U.S. Attorney’s Office that acts as a national leader in False Claims Act litigation.  Working closely with government attorneys, the Greene team has developed a reputation for putting in the hard work required to win whistleblower cases.  With a knack for legal innovation and a track record of successes, the whistleblower attorneys of Greene LLP are well positioned to handle any False Claims Act case successfully – even if the case is without precedent.

Please use the resources on this site to learn more about the different types of fraud on the government, about how to choose a whistleblower lawyer to represent you, and to learn more about Greene LLP’s whistleblower attorneys.

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Thomas M. Greene recently testified before Congress on the False Claims Act, drawing on two decades of experience.

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The attorneys of Greene LLP have been litigating False Claims Act cases for over two decades.

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