Choosing a False Claims Firm or Attorney

Before choosing a firm to evaluate your potential case, ask questions. Is the firm the right one to represent you?


Has the firm successfully handled several False Claims Act cases? Greene LLP Managing Partner Thomas M. Greene has litigated qui tam cases since 1993, and partner Michael Tabb has litigated qui tam cases since 1994. Since the firm’s inception, the False Claims Act has been the core practice area of Greene LLP.


How well does the firm understand False Claims Act practice? Several members of Greene LLP are frequent speakers on the False Claims Act and its application in the health care and pharmaceutical industries, including Thomas M. Greene and Michael Tabb. In March 2011, Greene was Chair of Recent Developments in False Claims Act Litigation, a two day seminar featuring more than a dozen attorneys from private and government practice. In February 2013, Greene testified before Congress about the False Claims Act.


If the government declines to intervene in your case, will the firm consider continuing the case? Has the firm successfully resolved any declined cases? Although most of the money recovered under the False Claims Act is typically from intervened cases, Greene LLP has a track record of success litigating such cases on its own. In 2004, Greene LLP attorneys settled a case involving an epilepsy drug for $430 million — the largest settlement from a declined case ever.


How much attention can the firm dedicate to your case, if you become a client? Greene LLP purposefully limits the number of cases it handles at any one time, so that it can drill down and focus its efforts.


What if the type of fraud you know about has not been the subject of a False Claims Act case before? Fraud on the government is often limited only by the imagination of people and companies willing to defraud government programs, and private attorneys need innovation to match. Greene LLP attorneys resolved the first ever False Claims Act case based on a theory that off-label of promotion of drugs led to actionable false claims — and since then, over $10 billion has been recovered in cases with the legal theory pioneered by the firm. More innovative cases are currently being pursued.


Where will the case be filed? Federal False Claims Act cases can often be filed in many jurisdictions in the United States. A significant number, however, are filed in Massachusetts, particularly in the health care industry. In health care alone, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston has secured over $12 billion in recoveries — and many firms located throughout the country file their cases here, often setting up complicated relationships with local counsel to do so. Greene LLP is accustomed to working closely with the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney’s Office — and is a ten minute walk away.

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